Creating the 2020-2022 State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) - Progress Report

For Immediate Release
November 13, 2018

Contact: Liz Pazdral, Executive Director, 916-445-0142, State Independent Living Council (SILC).

Seven motivated State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) writing workgroups, meeting at least monthly, rose up from the energetic October 30 State Independent Living Council meeting with the Independent Living Center Directors. Twenty-two Centers were represented.

Funding Formula/Equity, Meaningful Data, Deinstitutional Transition Fund, Youth Programs, No Wrong Door/ADRC/LTSS, Systems Change, and Employment/Transportation/Housing are the themes of the workgroups.

Groups will notify the public about their open meetings at least ten days in advance. You will find more information on the SILC website at Creating the 2020-2022 State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL)

Some participants committed to workgroup membership. However, it is still possible to join one of the groups.

The meeting brought stakeholders together to build consensus around the content of the next SPIL. Participants were introduced to one another, encouraged to organize in mixed groups, and completed an icebreaker together.

The Independent Living Network recently completed a Statewide Needs Assessment process with more than 660 stakeholders to identify advocacy and service priorities. At the event, participants received training on the results of the Needs Assessment, how program funds flow from federal to state entities, and the goals of the current SPIL.

Using this information, the group broke into triads and spent time reviewing and proposing changes to a Mission Statement for the entire I.L. Network. Next the group heard about projects historically included in the SPIL and research around network funding formulas.

After lunch, the group declared topic areas to be detailed in the next SPIL. Participants were steered to pick a topic they were passionate about. These people gathered together around a common interest explored how they could meet on a recurring basis until the SPIL is complete, and also their shared vision for the future of this topic in three years.

The end result is seven engaged writing workgroups meeting at least monthly to articulate their vision. Staff will support these groups to develop goals, objectives, activities, and measurable indicators. 

If you want to join the dedicated stakeholders helping to write the next SPIL, please monitor the SILC website or contact staff toll free: 1-866-866-7452.

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